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When it comes to health, whether it's physical or mental, we all realize that having basic knowledge, abilities, and skills to take care of oneself can effectively prevent any discomfort and is even more effective than reaching remedies later.

Promoting mental well-being in the workplace will yield tremendous benefits to employees and organizations as a fundamental for a healthy mind, which leads to greater work performance and bottom lines.


Pillar II : Preventive Care

Did you know ?

Investing in workplace mental health yields a greater ROI than you may realize.

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can yield ROI up to 1:6 !

Investing in workplace mental health

source: UK Deloitte Mental Health Report 2022

About Psychoeducation Service

Providing knowledge and training in mental health care skills to employees is a 'strategic movement' for human resource management in the digital age that enables them to manage distress and maintain a healthy mind at work.

This intervention helps

  • reduce unnecessary expenses

  • maintain a good working atmosphere

  • ensures smooth workflow between individuals and teams, resulting in improved efficiency and overall productivity of the organization.

In addition, preparing 'team leaders and managers' is another proactive approach to caring for employees, allowing them to notice and deal with team members who may be experiencing mental health issues before they become worse. This helps minimize risks at the individual, team, and organizational levels. This is primary care for the team before referring them to mental health professionals if necessary.

All activities are provided and monitored by psychologists, mental health and organizational experts who provide services to the organization's clients in both Thai and English.

Suitable for 

Organizations of all sizes and industries, whether selling products or services, that aim to strengthen their human resources can provide knowledge and skills in various topics related to mental health according to their needs or problems encountered in the organization.

Please consider the format of providing appropriate knowledge, topics, and channels for employees. If you are unsure about where to start, we are happy to provide additional guidance to your organization.

Format of Delivery—Instructional


in training class

Provide knowledge and train mental health skills for your valuable employees to enhance their self-understanding and self-awareness, which will lead to positive changes. This includes equipping problem-solving skills in relation to cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems that may affect work and daily life.


This can be provided to employees at all levels and positions, as well as leaders, in topics and formats that the organization requires. The amount and depth of the content can be tailored to the learners' nature of learning.

Training vs.  Workshop

The difference between training and workshop is that training focuses on lecturing and principles related to the topic, emphasizing one-way communication. The advantage is that learners can receive a large amount of helpful information in a short period of time.

On the other hand, workshop focuses on understanding the topic through content and various experiential learning activities, linking learners' own experiences, in order to result in outcomes after the learning session. This learning experience is designed according to the '70:20:10 model', widely recognized as effective for adult learning. The advantage is that learners can gain a deep understanding and immediately apply what they have learned in real-life situations.

70-20-10 model

The 70:20:10 Model

Course List

Course # 1 : 


Workplace Mental Health Care 101

3 hours

Fundamental for all employees in all job levels, departments, and business industries

On-site | Online

About the course

The popular training program for organizations initiating mental health training for their employees covers all basic content to raise awareness of the importance of mental health for working-age individuals. The program aims to increase accurate and safe knowledge and understanding of self-care for mental health and includes resources for seeking professional help when needed.


ดร.สุธาสินี เชาวน์เลิศเสรี

Suthasinee Chaolertseree, Ph.D.

17-year experience in the HRD field,

in training companies, consulting firms, & MNC corporates 

Experiences in the Human Resources Development Field

Dr. Suthasinee has extensive experience in the field of Human Resources Development (HRD) in various roles, including training management, course and human resource development project design for organizations in all sectors, including government agencies, private organizations, multinational organizations, non-profit organizations, as well as educational institutions and many others. She has developed numerous short, medium, and large-scale training programs involving hundreds of participants across a diverse range of ages, ethnicities, educational backgrounds, occupations, and types of organizations they came from. She has also performed in trainer and facilitator roles, applying a variety of effective learning design principles that draw on expertise from Thailand and abroad.

Her past work has been highly praised and appreciated by learners and clients alike since her early career in HRD, and this has continued through her current work in the mental health and personal growth area. As a result of her excellent work, she has earned the trust of many clients who have continued to use her services in various capacities. Her work is a testament to her expertise in promoting the learning and development of personnel in various types of organizations. See ALRISE's testimonial


Enhance the efficiency and accessibility of your target audience through our "video" and "infographic" communication, which converts psychological knowledge that many people may find difficult to understand from theoretical principles into tangible images with beautiful colors, easy-to-understand, time-saving reading, and highly accurate memorization.


Design according to your needs: image size, content volume, layout, color, and language formality level.

  • Choose image size and color tone.

  • Choose a writing tone (formal or casual).

  • Set the number of images.


Format of delivery Media-based

vdo infographic


Format of delivery —Textual

This service makes communication about psychological topics easy, saving time and energy that would otherwise be spent starting from scratch for you. All articles are written by experts, ensuring high quality and based on accurate references following the principles of Evidence-based Practice (EBP).

Whether for internal communication within an organization or for public dissemination to educate about mental health, self-improvement, or general psychology relevant to your readers, we are happy to make psychological knowledge on topics of interest ready to serve to your audiences. The length and level of formality can be tailored to your needs, ranging from academic to easily understandable for daily life, in both Thai and English languages.

Starting at 500 words.

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