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Scope of Service

Helping Scope
  Mental Health and Personal Growth Services  


Receiving care from certified international standard psychologists who have undergone at least 800 hours of training, all deep wounds will be treated with the utmost safety.


Talk with a professional psychologist to address life problems that cause mental distress and drain energy on a daily basis. We're ready to provide assistance and support to help you live your life to the fullest with international standard compliance.


You can get closer to achieving your goals in life, work, or studies by effectively thriving your strengths and managing weaknesses through the integration of various psychological disciplines.



We are pleased to provide services to corporate clients of all sizes, business groups, and sectors, as the 'heart' quality of the workforce is one of the success factors, regardless of the type of organization.



Individuals who are at least 18 years old and need assistance with various issues, including personal problems, issues related to others, and child-rearing.

Did you know?

ALRISE's website follows the principles of 'Website accessibility and inclusive design' to make it more accessible for visually impaired individuals. Therefore, there are no animations on the website, and the contrast level of the colors used has been increased.

Thank you for understanding and for being a part of creating an inclusive society.

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We have confidence in our professional standards that meet national and international levels.

*The international professional standards require a Master’s degree completion or above in a specific field for providing mental health services.

4 Reasons of Why ALRISE


Confident with the international stnadard quality

Because we operate in accordance with international professional standards at every step, every service we provide is therefore safe and reliable, which can be trusted 100%.


One-stop Service

No matter whether it's a work or personal issue, whether for healing or developing, you can trust us to take care of it all in one place.

Established and proceed with true experts

ALRISE was founded, operated, and quality controlled at every step by highly skilled and experienced mental health professionals specialized in psychology, along with expertise in exceptional organizational management.


We provide you more than just mental health care.

Because there is no science that provides the best answer for every problem, we blend the strengths of each branch of psychology to create a unique approach that understands all aspects of work, life, spirituality, personal development, and promotes your ability to achieve your goals realistically, no matter your role or current pursuit.

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