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Offer hands-on solutions to prevent and enhance the ability to manage mental health issues for your people, designed and delivered by seasoned psychologists. Our service is well-interweaved between psychological approaches and business priorities that truly address the needs of the business world.

Workplace Well-being Solutions 



Enhancing employees' knowledge and skills in mental health care upon the desired modality and topics, such as training, workshops, webinars, etc., to strengthen their coping skills, and resilience and enable effective problem-solving.

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With a team with over 17 years of experience in Human Resource and Organizational Development (HROD) and 3,300+ hours of mental health services, ALRISE understands the context of working in public and private sectors and educational institutions.

We empathize what employees, the HR department, and organizations need, enabling us to design services that meet the highest level of satisfaction for all parties involved.

In order to enable all employees in the organization to thrive, let us be your partner to support the psychological well-being of the workforce through our excellent quality international standard mental health care services that cover all mental need spectrum.

Our team is ready to help take care of your valuable employees, ensuring they feel secure and can move forward with confidence and resilience. With support from an employer, this will tremendously shape success and happiness achieved together.

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Internationally Standardized Operations


All operations and procedures strictly comply with international standards, including safety, data confidentiality (PDPA BE 2562 and HIPAA), and professional ethics, and apply evidence-based practices (EBP) to ensure the highest quality of service delivery to all of our clients on a regular basis.

Convenient, Anytime and Anywhere


Access to mental health assistance from our experienced psychologists is available both online and over the phone. No need to travel; just at your fingers from wherever you are. Appointments are available 24/7. We also provide knowledge-sharing activities in various forms, both on-site and online, tailored to your organization's needs.

High-quality team


Our team of psychologists has internationally recognized qualifications and specialized expertise in various areas and can assist with mental problems at all levels. They have undergone a minimum of 800-hour training and an average of 8-year experience in helping diverse clients, both Thai and international.

Employees' and organizations' needs are met.


All services are designed by experts in organizational behavior and development as well as mental health, with an understanding of all dimensions and all parties involved. This makes every solution given to you trustworthy and able to enhance positive changes at an individual and organizational level.

Services you can trust

From actual statistics of our corporate clients.

8,500+ employees that our services have covered.

97% Satisfaction Level



Preventing mental health issues can be achieved through enhancing knowledge, understanding, and coping skills through a variety of modalities and topics, designed to meet every need and requirement by highly skilled experts.

How to invest in workplace well-being

For organizations that are planning to promote mental health among employees, there are some preliminary guidelines for considering activities or interventions that should be implemented, as follows:

source: UK Deloitte Mental Health Report 2022

  1. According to the stage at which the intervention is offered : early, intermediate, advanced.

  2. Type of intervention offered : considering employees' needs and the nature of employees.

  3. the size of recipient group : a particular group or company-wide size.



A part of our deliveries to corporate and educational institute clients

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