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Frequently Asked Questions

What is counseling?

Counseling is a helping process for people with mental discomforts derived from an intrapersonal or interpersonal issue who seem to be struggling to cope with it by themselves, and it has adverse impacts on life in either aspect. A counseling psychologist is accredited, well-trained in accordance with professional standards, and provides a helping service in a safe space with confidentiality to assist clients in gaining more self-understanding, self-acceptance, and/or solutions for their problems with autonomy.    

Remark :

Please check the qualifications of the psychologist before using their services to ensure that your mental health is properly taken care of and not at risk. It is the right of the service recipient to do so before receiving services. For mental health assistance, the experts who can work are:

  • Counseling psychologists who hold a Master's degree or higher and can provide assistance for all levels of mental distress.

  • Clinical psychologists who hold a professional license and can provide assistance for all levels of mental distress.

  • Mental health professionals who hold a Master's degree or higher and can provide basic mental health assistance.

When to seek help?

  1. When mental problems become unmanageable and constantly disturb daily functions and/or relationships.

  2. Decreased daily functions, i.e., study, work, and interactions with other people.

  3. Out of reality, i.e., hallucination, delusions (please see a psychiatrist)

  4. Acquiring unhealthy coping with mental problems

Who and when should I seek help from?

Psychiatrist :

Found when there are "physical symptoms" accompanying emotional distress, including more severe physical symptoms caused by an imbalance in the body's chemicals. Treatment with medication is the most effective method.

Psychologist :

Found when problems in relationships with oneself or others, especially with significant people, cause emotional distress. Also found when facing difficult adjustments to new environments/conditions, sudden loss, traumatic events, or other stories with psychological causes.


Remark :

In cases where the problem stems from mental health issues, individuals who see a psychiatrist can also simultaneously see a psychologist for counseling for better treatment outcomes.

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